Summer is finally here!

Now that summer has arrived, I plan on relaxing and having some “me” time! Summer is a perfect opportunity to get yourself ready for the following school year. I know I always wish I made more time for exercise and time for myself. Each week this summer, I am going to make a goal that will help build “me” time into my daily schedule.

This week is my Week One Summer Goal: Adding in some healthy exercise!

I have tried almost every workout that comes on infomercials, and they are all good workouts. However, they all take a good chunk of time and leave me exhausted afterwards. I have definitely never kept up with many workouts during the busy school year. I think I have found the workout for me, now. My new favorite exercise is Zumba! It is so much fun and keeps me moving and laughing for as many songs as I do. I cannot dance at all, so I feel very silly and I’m so glad no one is home to see me dance around during the day!! Zumba is a great all over workout and cardio session, and leaves me with more energy afterwards somehow. There are many Zumba choreography videos on Youtube and I bought a Zumba game for my XBOX Kinect. I like them both equally. I have some videos pinned on this Pinterest board: 

If you plan a 20-40 minute workout each day, you will have the routine built up before the school year starts back up! Most of the people I know like to get up early before they get ready and workout. I am not one of those people, so I plan my workouts during lunchtime or late afternoon. Find what works best for you and give it a try!!

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