Week 5 Summer Goal: Meal Planning

How nice is it to get home from school, after tutoring kids and grading papers, and have dinner ready to serve? That is why a crock pot can be your best friend during the school year! This week I am going to plan some make-ahead crock pot freezer meals. You can spend just a few hours one day a month preparing a whole month’s worth of food. I love these because you can pull the bag our of the freezer, defrost over night, dump it in a crock pot, set on low for 8 hours, and a meal is cooked by the time you get home! Use a crock pot liner, and there is no clean up! I love to collect make ahead meals on Pinterest. Click the link below to see some of the crock pot meals I have collected so far.
Make Ahead Meals

Lunches for me are simple. I either pack leftovers or a sandwich with a few snacks. My plans for this year are to make healthier snacks and lunches.

eating healthy

healthy groceries

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