Week 7 Summer Goal: Professional Development

professional develeopment

I know this sounds super crazy, but around this time each summer when I was teaching I would begin to get stir crazy. I know, I know… Enjoy your time off while you have it! I am just one of those nutty people who like school and back to school and school supplies. July always started my “kinda missing school” phase of summer. This is when I planned my back to school workshops and professional development. I like to sign up for workshops that provide new and interesting methods of teaching. I have a favorite group of presenters through region 4 in the state of Texas. Although I am taking a break from teaching at the moment to raise my babies, I still take professional development opportunities to keep up my certification and keep my knowledge of education up to speed. I am a really big nerd when it comes to this stuff. I have highlighters of each color, sticky notes, pens of all colors, notebooks for each session… Its almost embarrassing how much I love taking classes and buying school supplies 🙂 

Here are a few of my favorite workshop topics I have attended:

Nature and Needs of G/T students

Differentiation in the classroom

Using Interactive Notebooks in the classroom

Using Exit Slips in the Science classroom

Try to find something that interests you, and can relate to your classroom!</

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