A School Year Series: Weekly Lesson Planning from Elementary Ali

I know it is extremely challenging to balance school and family. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, family time, birthday parties, grading, and lesson planning all compete for your time. Since I am currently staying home, I will do my best to help all my science teacher friends make more time for themselves.
Beginning this week, I plan to share resources for each week in Science. By the end of each week, i will post the topics to teach the following week with a collection of resources for teaching that topic. Look for these posts on Fridays to assist your lesson planning. I know schools start back at different times, so I hope this is helpful to each one of you. I will create categories for the lesson topics and a general Science Lesson Planning category for quick reference. This will be based on 5th grade science, but I will include resources I have for other grade levels for the similar topic. As always, I will respond to e-mails and comments for any questions or special requests!
The resources posted will be a mixture of free with paid materials. I will have a common format to make it easy to follow each week. TEKS (STAAR) standards, I can statements, essential questions, word wall, and lessons will be included each week!
Here is to an amazing, low-stress, successful school year!!
See you back here Friday for my week one lesson planning!!

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