Week One Science Lessons: Nature of Science

Grade 5 Science
Week One Lessons
To get the school year started off in your science classroom, begin with setting up the science notebook and establishing routines and procedures. The first week of school is the perfect time to cover the nature of science- the basics for your year in science. Here is a lesson to help you plan. Links to actual materials and lessons are provided throughout this post. I hope you can find something to help make planning this year a little, or a lot, easier!

This lesson plan for week one is simple to allow room for anything that you may need time for during the first week of school. The following weeks will have more materials and lessons for teaching the concepts.

“I can” Statements:
(Tuesday) I can demonstrate safe practices during investigations.
(Wednesday) I can use tools to collect and record information in an experiment.
(Thursday)&(Friday) I can use the scientific method to test a hypothesis through an experiment.

Essential Questions
Tuesday – Why are safety rules important in science?
Wednesday – Which tools could be classified as safety tools? Why?
Thursday – Explain the steps needed before testing an experiment begins?
Friday – What question should your data and conclusion answer?

Word Wall Words
Pan Balance
Spring Scale
Safety Goggles
Metric Ruler
Scientific Method
Meter Stick
Triple Beam Balance
Hot Plate
Graduated Cylinder
Hand Lens

Lesson Ideas and Materials
Word Wall Cards
Science Wall Complete each day with your choice of word wall words.
Nature of Science Interactive Science Notebook
Nature of Science Anchor Charts
Lesson Ideas:
(Tuesday) Science Safety Rules Gallery Walk. Science Safety Rule Anchor Chart. Lab Safety Notebook Activities.
(Wednesday) Science Tools Anchor Chart. Science Tools Notebook Activities, Science Tools Stations.
(Thursday) Scientific Method Anchor Chart, Scientific Method Notebook Activities.
(Friday) Complete an experiment using the lab write up form from the Notebook Activities.

The following links to the pretty PDF of this lesson plan.

5th Grade Lesson Plans

Need materials for younger grades?
Here is what I have for nature of science so far.
2nd Grade Interactive Science Notebook

Kindergarten Interactive Science Notebook with Word Wall Cards

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