Welcome to the Teacher Seller Workstation!

Hi Teacher Seller!

Something exciting is coming! Think full recipe secret sauce big!

Coming to you in the new year, I will be revealing my exact road map showing how I make full time teacher money while only working part time!

Watch this space for more info coming soon!!

I have spent the last 9+ years turning my creative teaching resources into a way to supplement and replace my teacher income! I have enjoyed every minute of this journey and I am so excited for you to share in the benefits!

My secret sauce roadmap will be the first time I have shared the exact way I started making full time teacher money within a year of selling on TPT with anyone besides a handful of one-on-one clients.

I am still in the classroom part time, but only because I choose to be. I could never fully step away from teaching.

In this roadmap, I will be showing you:

  • My Product Creation Workbook
  • My Product Posting Checklist
  • My step-by-step product posting guide
  • The single best way to market it (that doesn’t require hours on social media every day)
  • AND templates, templates, templates! So you can add your special touch and have an amazing product ready to go!

Teacher Seller Tips

I will be adding resources here to help you turn your creative talents into a way to make extra income!

Clipart for Commercial Use

Here is where you will be able to find clipart that you can use to easily put together a resource!