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Look at what each week of lessons has to offer you:

Weekly Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for each week of the school year with

Activities for each part of the lessons

Printable AND Digital versions of everything to make your lessons as low prep or no prep as you wish.

Introductory Activities

Each lesson begins with a fun activity, exploration, or game to build excitement and schema for the week’s topic.

Informational Text with Key Terms

A simple reading to give students background information and vocabulary for all their learning to stick to.

Graphic Organizers

A place for students to process what they read in the informational text.

Summary Writing with Key Terms

Writing a quick summary allows students to recall what they have learned while using their vocabulary words in context.

Vocabulary and Word Wall

Vocabulary cards are provided so students can have the actual definition for each key term. The definition side can be folded back for flash cards, or cut apart for matching cards. This is the one page on the digital version that is set up to print (optional).

Vocabulary and Words Wall

Each key term from the informational text has its own vocabulary practice page to help students process and remember the science vocabulary from each unit.

Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are a wonderful teacher tool. They provide the base information to students with great visuals to reach more learners and encourage memory of the topic. These are printable and work great as visual or doodle style note taking.

Interactive Science Notebook

The ISN is a favorite tool of mine. I use the printable anchor chart for the teacher input, and a creative thinking activity for the student output.


The main event of each week! Students have real life ways to experience the science topic. Real life application makes the learning real and meaningful to them.

Analyzing Data

Analyzing data is a perfect opportunity for students to apply what they have learned each week. This is something you can take for a formative assessment grade and see how well they have understood what they have learned.


Projects are an optional enrichment to work along side your learning each week or can be a standalone week as needed. These are more student led and make great GT activities.

Daily Science Starters

A place for students to process what they read in the informational text.

Critical Thinking Writing

Writing a quick summary allows students to recall what they have learned while using their vocabulary words in context.

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I know lesson planning can be a challenge and can take up more of your nights and weekends than you would like. In hopes of helping simplify that process for you, I want to share which units and resources I have planned out for each week of the school year. I have an entire year lined out for both 4th and 5th grades with detailed lesson plans. I will start by giving you my 5th grade scope and sequence. This free download will show you how I lay out a year including the unit/lesson for each week and links to the resources in case you want to streamline your prepping and planning with print and go complete lesson sets.

More resources that save you time and sanity

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Complete Lesson Sets are a bundle of resources for teaching the topic standard(s) over the course of a week or two. Each lesson set includes an introduction activity, informational text with graphic organizer and summary writing with key terms, followed by anchor charts, interactive science notebooks, hands-on exploration, analyzing data, formative assessments, and more!

Digital Lesson Sets provide a week of learning to cover the topic standard(s) through Google Slides, PowerPoint, or even in a classroom learning app (JPG). Each set includes teacher input activities, student output activities, digital exploration, and formative assessments. These are great for in-class and at-home learning, and even for sub days! Simply send the file to students and check their work at the end of the week!

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