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My name is Alicia and I love teaching! I created TeachersWorkstation.com to collect and share my ideas and adventures in teaching

I have helped thousands of teachers and districts plan and implement standards based, engaging lessons in their science classrooms. 

I am an expert in helping you implement your lessons in a way that engages students, sets students up for mastery of science standards, and do all this within your scheduled work hours. I love being a teacher and I love being a mom and I love being a wife. Balancing my time and energy between work and home helps me to enjoy both sides without burning out.


A little more about me:

I started my teaching adventure in 5th grade, and I absolutely loved every minute. Yes, its a STAAR test grade here in Texas, but I only cried over testing my first year lol. Every year after that was an exciting adventure in making learning fun and effective for my students. I loved having the role as the head Science teacher for the school, helping all the teachers K-4 plan and find the best ways to teach each science standard.

After years of teaching 5th grade, I discovered that I LOVE curriculum planning and creating resources to help teachers. To support the teachers and districts I started working with around the country, I made the switch to teaching preschool at a Mother’s Day Out. I just can’t leave the classroom because it is where my heart is, but now I am able to get my teacher/classroom fix two days a week AND work to create resources teachers, like you, need the rest of the week. 

I absolutely LOVE teaching preschoolers and introducing little ones into a love for learning and reading. So, now I have added preschool ideas and resources to my website. 

I create what I know well and use with learners, but I also love to create resources by request. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for I am only an email away!! 

If you have any questions or special requests feel free to contact me at:

I hope that you find my little corner of the teaching world helpful! 

~Alicia Cobb (Elementary Ali)


Teacher’s Workstation was born out of the belief that a lesson isn’t just handing out worksheets to cover a standard and move on. And a classroom isn’t just four walls containing a group of kids, but the very place where you build relationships and ignite a love for learning in students, celebrating student growth and navigating student struggles.

For teachers, our classroom is a fragile ecosystem held together by our love and commitment.

As your curriculum guide, I am ready and equipped to assist you in planning your lessons and creating a learning system that helps you guide each student to success in your classroom.

I can’t wait to share with you what I have found to be successful for engaging students and for giving each student an opportunity to master the standards.

And the best part? My system is designed for us to leave work on time and not spend our weekends planning and prepping.

Products I offer:

  • Highly-Rated, Fully-Planned, Year Long Science Curriculums complete with activities, teacher instructions, and all printables. All year long curriculums also include, a full year of DIGITAL lesson sets for NO PREP science (in class or distance learning).
  • Highly-Rated Science and Preschool resources for engaged classroom learning that brings real results.
  • Custom curriculum planning by request!
  • Custom products by request!

What Other Teachers and Districts Are Saying:

The best purchase on TPT ever! Wow! The whole enchilada all in one place! Thanks !!! A life saver!

— Imn2science (TpT Seller)

This bundle was a life saver to me during my first year of teaching Science! Thank you!

-Kara M.

I have been using the 4th Mega Bundle all year, and the students really enjoy it. Now that we cannot get our 5th grade Science book anymore, I was really excited to see you produced a 5th grade version of the bundle. I am looking forward to using it next year in Science class.

Sara V.

I was so stressed when I was switched from Math to Science, but this resource helped relieve so much stress! It has everything I need for the year and will definitely start me off on the right foot!

— Breana A.

Great source and easy to follow!!

-Keene ISD A.

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  1. haleymoconnor says:

    Hi Ali! I met your mom today and just wanted to stop by and say hi! 🙂 I’m a total goober and searched for your blog, haha! It was great meeting her, and she is SO proud of you!!

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