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My name is Alicia and I love teaching! I created TeachersWorkstation.com to collect and share my ideas and adventures in teaching. 

I started my teaching adventure in 5th grade, and I absolutely loved every minute. Yes, its a STAAR test grade here in Texas, but I only cried over testing my first year lol. Every year after that was an exciting adventure in making learning fun and effective for my students. I loved having the role as the head Science teacher for the school, helping all the teachers K-4 plan and find the best ways to teach each science standard.

After years of teaching 5th grade, I discovered that I LOVE curriculum planning and creating resources to help teachers. To support the teachers and districts I started working with around the country, I made the switch to teaching preschool at a Mother’s Day Out. I just can’t leave the classroom because it is where my heart is, but now I am able to get my teacher/classroom fix two days a week AND work to create resources teachers need the rest of the week. 

I absolutely LOVE teaching preschoolers and introducing little ones into a love for learning and reading. So, now I have added preschool ideas and resources to my website. 

I create what I know well and use with learners, but I also love to create resources by request. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for I am only an email away!! 

If you have any questions or special requests feel free to contact me at:

I hope that you find my little corner of the teaching world helpful! 

~Alicia Cobb (Elementary Ali)


Products I offer:

  • Highly-Rated, Fully-Planned, Year Long Science Curriculums complete with activities, teacher instructions, and all printables. All year long curriculums also include, a full year of DIGITAL lesson sets for NO PREP science (in class or distance learning).
  • Highly-Rated Science and Preschool resources for engaged classroom learning that brings real results.
  • Custom curriculum planning by request!
  • Custom products by request!

What Other Teachers and Districts Are Saying:

The best purchase on TPT ever! Wow! The whole enchilada all in one place! Thanks !!! A life saver!

— Imn2science (TpT Seller)

This bundle was a life saver to me during my first year of teaching Science! Thank you!

-Kara M.

I have been using the 4th Mega Bundle all year, and the students really enjoy it. Now that we cannot get our 5th grade Science book anymore, I was really excited to see you produced a 5th grade version of the bundle. I am looking forward to using it next year in Science class.

Sara V.

I was so stressed when I was switched from Math to Science, but this resource helped relieve so much stress! It has everything I need for the year and will definitely start me off on the right foot!

— Breana A.

Great source and easy to follow!!

-Keene ISD A.

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  1. haleymoconnor says:

    Hi Ali! I met your mom today and just wanted to stop by and say hi! 🙂 I’m a total goober and searched for your blog, haha! It was great meeting her, and she is SO proud of you!!

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