4th Grade Science Lessons and Resources

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I know lesson planning can be a challenge and can take up more of your nights and weekends than you would like. In hopes of helping simplify that process for you, I want to share which units and resources I have planned out for each week of the school year. I have an entire year lined out for both 4th and 5th grades with detailed lesson plans. I will start by giving you my 4th grade scope and sequence. This free download will show you how I lay out a year including the unit/lesson for each week and links to the resources in case you want to streamline your prepping and planning with print and go complete lesson sets.




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Complete Lesson Sets are a bundle of resources for teaching the topic standard(s) over the course of a week or two. Each lesson set includes an introduction activity, informational text with graphic organizer and summary writing with key terms, followed by anchor charts, interactive science notebooks, hands-on exploration, analyzing data, formative assessments, and more!

Digital Lesson Sets provide a week of learning to cover the topic standard(s) through Google Slides, PowerPoint, or even in a classroom learning app (JPG). Each set includes teacher input activities, student output activities, digital exploration, and formative assessments. These are great for in-class and at-home learning, and even for sub days! Simply send the file to students and check their work at the end of the week!

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