Test Prep Giveaways!

Alright STAAR teacher friends, I have joined forces with some Amazing teachers to create a huge Test Prep Giveaway! My favorite resources I have ever used have been quality test prep materials. You can use them to review, reteach, tutor, and prep for that daunting end of the year STAAR test. I remember my first year … Continue reading Test Prep Giveaways!

Creative Play and Learning

Playdoh + Glowsticks + Flashlights = Exciting Learning Fun! https://www.instagram.com/p/BP0Xa-uj5bi/?taken-by=teachersworkstation Having a four year old at home who is very interested in Science and Engineering keeps me busy looking for something to challenge or intrigue him. Today, he so proudly brought me that Earth he made. I have been building a 4th grade Earth, Sun, … Continue reading Creative Play and Learning

Taming Classroom Turkeys – Strategies for Working with Challenging Students

  We all face classroom challenges. And with the holidays coming up, of course  I could not resist the adorable Thanksgiving Turkey reference. Classroom Turkeys are a common staple in each and every class. You are going to have them, but how you handle them will set the tone for their success, your sanity, and … Continue reading Taming Classroom Turkeys – Strategies for Working with Challenging Students

Science Experiments for Engaging Classrooms

Engaging Science Experiments Science is exciting! Science experiments have always been my number one secret to classroom behavior management. Start each lesson with a really cool demonstration, and you have them hooked. Finish each lesson with a great experiment that tests an interesting problem, and you have made it memorable. I am building a collection … Continue reading Science Experiments for Engaging Classrooms

Why Use Poetry in Your Science Classroom?

  I am a really big fan of using read alouds in the science classroom. I love books, and that means I have to share my love of reading with my science kiddos! Reading in the science classroom has so many cross-curricular benefits for kids. Gail Gibbons and Basher Science are by far my favorite … Continue reading Why Use Poetry in Your Science Classroom?

How to Create Lapbooks for the Interactive Science Notebook

Lapbooks had been showing up in my Pinterest feed more and more, and I wanted to find the best way to use them in a science classroom. All the lapbooks I come across look fun and interactive, and I know students would enjoy creating and using them. Thinking over the many uses of a lapbook in a … Continue reading How to Create Lapbooks for the Interactive Science Notebook

Observing Animal Cells

When looking at onion cells under a microscope, I thought how helpful it would be for students to have an animal cell to compare and observe. This lab is a perfect addition to the Cell Structure and Function Science and Literacy Lesson! This lab is really simple. All you need is a microscope, cotton swab, … Continue reading Observing Animal Cells