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Helping teachers streamline their lesson planning and prep so they can leave work on time and enjoy every minute of their weekends. Teacher’s Workstation is my collection of everything I put into place to make my teaching job simple but effective. And, I want to make it all available to you, too!

I have full year complete curriculums for elementary science, and I want to share my lesson plans and resources with you! To receive my weekly lesson plans (and more goodies) straight to your inbox, join the newsletter below.

Want a full year of lesson plans AND all the resources?

Full Year Curriculum Bundles

What’s included?

Lesson Plans

Detailed weekly lesson plans that save you hours each week. Everything is lined out for you to cover each standard throughout the year. Lessons start with Intro to Science, cover each standard with unit test weeks planned out, plus end of the year review and STEM units.

Printable Materials

All of the printable materials are included, just add simple lab supplies as needed!

Pre-learning Activity

Word Wall Builder Chart

Informational Text with Key Terms

Graphic Organizer

Summary Writing

Word Wall Cards

Vocabulary Matching (3 Key Terms)

Vocabulary Activity Pages (3 Key Terms)

Anchor Chart

Interactive Science Notebook

Lab Instructions and Printables

Critical Thinking Activity: Analyzing Data


Daily Science Starters

Formative Assessment with Rubric

Now with Digital Lessons

A self-guiding week of learning for each standard. Simply send to student devices and check at the end of the week!

These cover the learning of a printable lesson, with the convenience of a digital presentation. Digital labs are even included in the week of learning!!

Perfect for at-home learning, in-class learning, sub days, when a lab isn’t doable in the classroom, PLUS saving paper and not having to make copies!

Teachers and School Districts around the country are loving these curriculum bundles! No textbook needed! Real learning with real results!

Full Year Curriculum Testimonials

The best purchase on TPT ever! Wow! The whole enchilada all in one place! Thanks !!! A life saver!

— Imn2science (TpT Seller)

This bundle was a life saver to me during my first year of teaching Science! Thank you!

-Kara M.

Great source and easy to follow!!

-Keene ISD A.

I have been using the 4th Mega Bundle all year, and the students really enjoy it. Now that we cannot get our 5th grade Science book anymore, I was really excited to see you produced a 5th grade version of the bundle. I am looking forward to using it next year in Science class.

Sara V.

I was so stressed when I was switched from Math to Science, but this resource helped relieve so much stress! It has everything I need for the year and will definitely start me off on the right foot!

— Breana A.

I STILL love teaching because I don’t have to waste time planning or prep anything! I print from a premade year of lesson sets and make copies. I never have to stay late (except for required meetings) and I never have to spend a minute of my weekend on planning. You can have this, too, for less than I spend on one week of groceries for my little family! Grab one of my full year complete curriculum bundles now and love teaching again! Have free time again!

Email me for more info, questions, and requests.