Filling in the Literacy Gap

Science and Literacy

Science and Literacy I’ve noticed throughout the years that fiction is a favorite in the ELA classroom. This leads to students having great exposure to the fiction genre, but leaves a gap in nonfiction reading strategies.
This is where the content areas come in. Giving students ample opportunities to read and comprehend informational texts can easily be achieved in the Science and Social Studies classrooms. As a Science and Social Studies teacher, I have made it my goal to create lessons and teaching resources for Science classrooms that are rich in informational reading passages.
Informational texts can be challenging for students, so I like to keep the passages to one page with a graphic organizer to help the students collect the information they read about. I also choose 5 important vocabulary words for the students to use context clues to define in their own words. In the science classroom, this is a great way to build conceptual knowledge and content specific vocabulary. I have a collection Science and Literacy lesson sets ready to go!
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