Incorporating Physical Activity (Fun) into Your Lessons

Nature walk to learn science

Nature walk to learn science

Learning can be more than worksheets in a seat!

Make learning fun and active

Research shows physical activity can help students be able to concentrate better on their classwork and on tests. I know from my experience teaching in elementary school, students are losing time to play and be active. When I was in school we got recess twice a day and had P.E. Now, students may only get one 15 minute recess a day and an hour of P.E. a week. Kids are busy creatures, so forcing them to sit in a seat all day long is difficult and out of character for them. It makes perfect sense to me that giving students a break from their seat would improve their concentration and their attitude! We have so much information to teach them, in such a small amount of time. How can we give up learning time to allow them to play? Incorporate physical activity into learning!!! Can you go for a walk and observe nature for a science lesson? Real life examples are always the best way to learn! And, we all could use more fresh air. How can you use a recess game to learn vocabulary from this week’s lessons? I love playing the game “Science Says” (Simon Says for Science Words) with my fifth graders! If I call out “Science Says Rotate”, the students spin. If I call out “Science Says Revolve”, they walk in a small circle. They love the chance to play a game and burn off some energy! I even noticed them using some of the  motions to help them on tests!! Boy, did that make my heart smile! What about a “Cake Walk” style game, where you call out a definition and the student on that word wins a prize? All you would need are some words printed out to place around the room and some music! I have been playing with the idea of a classroom life size board game for the students to walk through and review for a test. I already have smaller printable review board games made. All I would have to do is make it much larger using painter’s tape on the floor! The students would look forward to coming to class and would have fun while learning! Can you imagine the memories you and your class would make next year with games and activities like these incorporated into learning?! How can you make learning fun and active this year?

Incorporate physical activity into your lessons

Incorporate physical activity into your lessons!

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