Week Two Lessons: States of Matter

Grade 5 Science
Week Two Lessons

It’s time to jump into the really fun science! Physical Science in Texas is broken into two categories: Matter and Energy -and- Force, Motion and Energy. The best way to begin teaching Matter and Energy is with the States of Matter. Here you can teach the students what matter is, before having them classify matter. Here is a lesson to help you plan. Links to actual materials and lessons are provided throughout this post. I hope you can find something to help make planning this year a little, or a lot, easier!

States of Matter Lesson Plan

TEKS/ Standards
(A) classify matter based on physical properties, including mass, magnetism, physical state (solid, liquid, and gas), relative density (sinking and floating), solubility in water, and the ability to conduct or insulate thermal energy or electric energy; Readiness Standard

“I can” Statements:
I can classify matter by its physical state.

Essential Questions
Monday – Which state of matter can I find in the room around me?
Tuesday – What is the difference between a solid, a liquid, and a gas?
Wednesday – What is something you can find in your house that is a liquid sometimes, a solid sometimes, and a gas sometimes?
Thursday – What observations can you make to classify the states of matter?
Friday – Where can you find matter?

Word Wall Words

Lesson Ideas and Materials

Science Wall Complete each day with your choice of word wall words.
Force, Motion, Matter, and Energy Interactive Science Notebook
Science and Literacy States of Matter
Matter and Energy Anchor Charts
Physical Science Vocabulary
Word Wall Matter and EnergyMatter and Energy Word Wallword wall activity page

Lesson Ideas:
(M) States of Matter Around Me Inventory and States of Matter Scavenger Hunt. Introduce Word Wall Words for the Week and ask students what they think it means. Complete the first 2 columns of a Word Wall Builder Chart. –All this is in the Science and Literacy States of Matter.
states of matter elementary
(T) Students will read an informational text about the states of matter and complete a graphic organizer to process the information. Complete the second column of the Word Wall Builder Chart. –All this is in the Science and Literacy States of Matter.
states of matter informational text and graphic organizer
(Wednesday) Students will complete a summary writing with key terms from Tuesday’s reading. – Science and Literacy States of Matterr. Complete the states of matter diagram and writing prompt in the notebook. –Force, Motion, Matter, and Energy Interactive Science Notebook
states of matter interactive science notebook
(Th) States of Matter Lab day! –Science and Literacy States of Matter
states of matter lab
(F) Using a book called “Physics” by Basher Books for the read aloud, read the mass page and allow the students to make their own character for one of the word wall words for this week. Complete the States of Matter Anchor Chart- Matter and Energy Anchor Charts – as a class. The students can fill in their printable poster, and you can make one on chart paper to hang up around the room. Complete the vocabulary pages that were not completed through the week.
anchorh charts matter and energyC

Lesson Notes:
Science Starters and Science Wall to start each day.
During extra class time, complete the Physical Science Vocabulary pages that accompany this week’s learning.

The following links to the pretty PDF of this lesson plan.

5th Science Lesson Plans

Need materials for younger grades?
Here is what I have for matter and energy so far.

2nd Grade Matter and Energy Interactive Science Notebook

Kindergarten Interactive Science Notebook with Word Wall Cards

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