The Twelve Days of Christmas Tips and Gifts: Seventh Day of Christmas – Outdoor Learninng and Review Games

12 days of Christmas tips and gifts

Follow with me each day as I post my 12 gifts of Christmas for teachers. Each day will have a tip to encourage engaged learning in your classroom and a free gift to accompany that tip. Here goes the seventh day!

On the seventh day of Christmas, Elementary Ali gave to me…

Seven Outdoor Learning and Review Games!

Everyone needs a little sunshine and fresh air sometimes! I know it is December and yucky out, but these games can be used inside if needed. Some of these games are good to keep on hand for indoor recess, too. You can save these up for lots of fun in the Spring and Fall weather, unless you live in Texas like me. It was over 60 degrees earlier this week! This week your gift is seven outdoor learning and review games!

outdoor dice game

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