Week Twenty-Two Science Lessons: Ecosystems

Grade 5 Science

Week Twenty-two Lessons

This week we will start the Environments Unit. This week we will take a part one look at how organisms interact in their environments. Next week we will continue this lesson by looking at biomes and the changes living things make in environments. Links to actual materials and lessons are provided throughout this post. I hope you can find something to help make planning this year a little, or a lot, easier!

Ecosystems lesson plan

TEKS/ Standards:

(A)observe the way organisms live and survive in their ecosystem by interacting with the living and non-living elements; Readiness Standard

(B) describe how the flow of energy derived from the Sun, used by producers to create their own food, is transferred through a food chain and food web to consumers and decomposers; Readiness Standard

“I can” Statements:

I can explain the way organisms interact within their ecosystems.

I can describe how energy flows in an ecosystem.

Essential Questions:

Monday – How can you tell the difference between the living and nonliving things in your environment?

Tuesday – How do we get the energy we need to run around the gym?

Wednesday – Why do organisms need each other in their ecosystems?

Thursday – How does the energy flow from the Sun to a consumer?

Friday – Explain the niche of a producer.

Word Wall Words:




Food Web








Lesson Ideas and Materials:


Science Wall Complete each day with your choice of word wall words.

Organisms and Environments Interactive Science Notebook

Science and Literacy Ecosystems

Organisms and Environments Anchor Charts

Life Science Vocabulary

STAAR Science Review Stations

Lesson Ideas:

(Monday) Students will complete the Ecosystem Pyramid Puzzle. Complete the first 2 columns of a Word Wall Builder Chart. –All this is in the Science and Literacy Ecosystems

(Tuesday) Students will read an informational text about Ecosystems and complete a graphic organizer to process the information. Complete the third column of the Word Wall Builder Chart. –All this is in the Science and Literacy Ecosystems

(Wednesday) Students will complete a summary writing with key terms from Tuesday’s reading. –Science and Literacy Ecosystems. Students will complete the Ecosystem Living and Nonliving T-chart and the Food Chain in their notebooks- Organisms and Environments Interactive Science Notebook

(Thursday) Students will play Food Web War.-Science and Literacy Ecosystems. Complete the Interactions within Ecosystems Anchor Chart and the Flow of Energy Anchor Chart as a class. –  Organisms and Environments Anchor Charts

Living and Nonliving Anchor Chart

The students can fill in their printable poster, and you can make one on chart paper to hang up around the room.

(Friday) Continue the STAAR Science Review Stations this week. Complete one or two rotations of stations this Friday. Only 9 weeks before the STAAR Science!

Additional resources:

The following links to the pretty PDF of this lesson plan.

5th Science Lesson Plans

Need materials for younger grades?

The materials in this lesson are intended for 5th graders in Texas, but are taught in a way that they could be easily modified for younger and older grades.

Here is what I have for Earth and Space so far.

Kindergarten Interactive Science Notebook with Word Wall Cards

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