Week 25 Science Lessons: Ecosystems Unit Test

Grade 5

Week Twenty-Five Lessons

This week we will be reviewing, testing , and goal setting! Make the review fun and the memories will stick! Unit Test reviews are just as important throughout the year. The goal is not to memorize for the test, but to refresh their memory and help make those memories permanent.

Ecosystems Unit Test Lesson

TEKS/ Standards:

(A)observe the way organisms live and survive in their ecosystem by interacting with the living and non-living elements; Readiness Standard

(B) describe how the flow of energy derived from the Sun, used by producers to create their own food, is transferred through a food chain and food web to consumers and decomposers; Readiness Standard

(C) predict the effects of changes in ecosystems caused by living organisms, including humans, such as the overpopulation of grazers or the building of highways; and Supporting Standard

(D) identify the significance of the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle to the survival of plants and animals. Supporting Standard


Science Wall Complete each day with your choice of word wall words.

Organisms and Environments Interactive Science Notebook

Science and Literacy Ecosystems

Biomes Stations and Task Cards

Science and Literacy Carbon Dioxide – Oxygen Cycle and Photosynthesis

Organisms and Environments Anchor Charts

Life Science Vocabulary

Ecosystems Unit Test

Science Goal Setting Sheets

Lesson Ideas:

(Monday – Tuesday)  Review using games and activities for the test

Review activities: quick writes for students to show you what they know, quizzes, games, review the labs they have completed, study their science notebooks with a partner.

Reviews can be games

Living and Nonliving Anchor Chart

Biomes Stations and Task Cards cover

(Wednesday)  Administer the test

ecosystem unit test collage

(Thursday – Friday) Go over the test and set goals for future tests

goal setting

Lesson Notes

I grade tests without marking the correct answer. The students use a pen or colored pencil to review the test when we go over it as a class. They write down the explanations we have for each test question.

5th grade Lesson Plans

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