12 Reasons Why You Are An Amazing Teacher

Halfway through the year really tests our teaching endurance. We have the holidays, finishing up a semester, and the planning and stressing begins for the end of year testing. It is so easy to get down about your ability and life calling as a teacher when you are so exhausted. I am sure you have seen the memes.

Teacher Memes Decemeber and End of Year Humor

If you want more memes, or to save these for yourself, I made a teacher humor Pinterest board. I like to scroll humor boards when i need a little pick-me-up.

And now for my 12 reasons you are still a good teacher, even when you can relate oh too well to memes like the ones above.

lost mind

Number 1. You have a sense of humor. You have to be able to find the humor in the little things as a teacher. Kids say funny things. You are so exhausted that you are losing your mind and put the milk in the cabinet. Just laugh at the silliness of stressful times. Maybe make your own memes! Please, share them with me if you do!! 🙂

Number 2. You believe in yourself. All teachers, including anyone in their careers outside of teaching, have setbacks and experience not-so-kind students, parents, and staff. You just have to realize that accidents happen and the attitudes and actions of others are out of your control. This is where your great sense of humor comes in. Laugh it off and try again.

Number 3. You believe in your students. Set high expectations for your students’ learning goals, and believe that with the individualized care you give, they can achieve it. You believe in them no matter what seems to be holding them back, and you can celebrate with them in their successes.

Number 4. Your ability to see different ways for students to experience the learning standard in their own best way. You are creative and innovative to think of different ways to teach the same thing to each of your students each year.

Number 5. You build a sense of community in your classroom. Your students feel like they have a safe place to learn and make mistakes. Your classroom community makes students feel accepted and they can embrace their individuality.

Number 6. You are not afraid to try new things. Being flexible is what keeps teaching new and exciting. You accept the new learning methods and try them out with your students. This is how you keep progressing to your best teacher self.

Number 7. You have patience (most of the time). Understanding that misbehavior, getting distracted, and not getting it are all just part of being a kid. You can understand where they are coming from, and help them work through it, while you work through the challenges with them. Take a deep breath and keep going.

Number 8. You love your students. Teachers have the biggest hearts of all. You care about those kids like they are your own. You are concerned about their health. How many times have you felt a kids forehead to check for fever, or monitored their lunch to make sure they are eating enough healthy food? You are interested in their personal life and hobbies. You can share in their victories with them.

Number 9. You collaborate with other professionals. You work with other teachers and leaders in your school to make sure you are providing the best learning environment for your students. You connect with teachers around the world through social media (I love Instagram) to see what new ideas you can “steal”.

Number 10. You are prepared and organized (at least half of the time- hehe). You at least scroll through Pinterest or TeachersPayTeachers to plan your lessons for the week!

Number 11. You have a passion for what you teach and share it with your students. You love to read, and it shows when you read to your students. You love experiments, and it shows when you set up a lab for your students. You love to solve problems and it shows when you walk your students through a problem. Your love for nap time shows when you fall asleep at your desk… Just kidding! You would never do that! Hahaha 🙂

Number 12. You have a love for learning. Reading up on new teaching methods. Reading books and articles about the subject you teach. Watching TED Talks about teaching, leading, or your content area. Taking classes and sessions to be a better educator. Participating in meetings and workshops at school. Scrolling blogs and websites for new ideas. However you gain new knowledge, you have a love for learning.


And if you really want to feel good about yourself, watch the movie Bad Teacher. It is so inappropriate, but so funny. If you are in better shape than Cameron Diaz’s character, then you’re probably going to make it. 😉

Hang in there teachers! The end of the year draws near and you have the endurance to make it!! I believe in you! You are a great teacher!!

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