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Hi, friends! I have some exciting news!!! Due to an overwhelming request for an Everything 4th Grade Science Bundle, I am now working on a full year of 4th grade curriculum. For any teachers out there who value their time and energy, and wish high quality lesson planning was way easier, I am making this for you. I will be posting each week’s lesson as they are completed so that you can start planning your year and seeing resources soon. I have come up with a sample Year at a Glance Plan which will be the base of these weekly lessons. (Once the lessons are complete, I will make a Year at a Glance with clickable links to the all inclusive lesson sets!)

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My new structure for lesson sets (which I started this summer for some middle school teachers needing a curriculum) will be all inclusive. All you need to add are the lab materials which I keep as simple and inexpensive as possible.

The activities in these lesson sets are created to incorporate reading and writing into the Science curriculum. Each lesson is designed to last about a week (depending on your timing and students), and encourage student participation.
Lessons are aligned with the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (STAAR).
These lessons also use Interactive Notebooks, Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and Project Based Learning to enrich the learning experience.

Take a look at the lesson set up for new lesson sets:

Included in each lesson set:

  • Lesson Planning Guide
  • Pre-learning Activity
  • Word Wall Builder Chart
  • Informational Text with Key Terms
  • Graphic Organizer
  • Summary Writing
  • Word Wall Cards/ Vocabulary Matching (3 Key Words)
  • Vocabulary Activity Pages
  • Anchor Chart
  • Interactive Science Notebook
  • Lab
  • Critical Thinking Activity: Analyzing Data
  • Project
  • Daily Science Starters
  • Formative Assessment with Rubric

The lesson planning guides are written in the order I use them without a timeframe, so that you can determine the timing for each activity based on your classroom needs.

I may add summative assessments later on down the road, once the entire curriculum is complete with resources.

Keep a watch out for these lessons to be posted each week!

If you want to be alerted as each lesson set is posted, click the green star next to my picture in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

I hope you all have an amazingly wonderful school year!! I can’t wait to help you plan so you can have more free time for yourself and your family!

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