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Planners are a super trendy, super necessary item. I looked at a few of the popular planners that everyone posts about on social media, and while they are very pretty, they are pricey. In the past I have always printed my own planner pages, which gives me so much more flexibility than a store bought planner. I put them in a binder, but binders can be bulky and not as pretty. Their angled shape makes them not stack as well when you’re carrying your folders and paperwork to a meeting. This year, I decided I wanted a custom planner like everyone else. However, when I saw the price tags, I couldn’t feel good spending that much.

Luckily, the Target Dollar Spot came to this teacher’s rescue once again! I found a pack for $3 that included 5 dividers, 78 weekly planning pages, and 18 calendar pages. I was able to turn that pack into a pretty amazing, and durable, planner!


Here is how I made my new planner:

1. Take the two prettiest dividers to make into the planner covers. Cut the tabs off of those dividers. (The extra dividers will become the dividers inside your planner.)


2. Print (or write) the label you want for the front and cut it out. I like to put my name on the front.


3. Place your label where you like it, and put the divider inside a lamination pouch. Place the back cover inside a lamination pouch. Laminate both the front and back cover to make it more durable.



4. Cut a hole in the hole punched places. Line up all your pages and dividers just like you like them. Put book rings through each hole Spot.



I added notebook book paper to the back section for note taking. Here are some pics of the inside.




Im pretty excited about my $3 ish planner, and I have already been using it! It stacks nicely with my other books and fits perfect in my teacher bag!

If you can’t find this $3 pack, you can make this with a $1 divider set from the dollar spot and print your own pages! Here is the planner I made with my own pages and dollar spot dividers.

I hope this little tutorial can help you get that custom planner you want for a much more affordable price! I would love for you to share pics if you make this, too!! Tag me on social media or comment here on the blog 🙂

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