How to EASILY Use Parts of a PDF in Distance Learning (and in the classroom)


Hey Teacher Friends!

Like the rest of you across the world, I have been thrown into learning how to teach digitally. Recently, I did learn something that has changed how you can teach digitally as well as use it teaching in your classroom. I learned how to save just a selection of pages from a bigger file. *This also works with PowerPoint, if you want to save some or all of the slides as a PDF.

This is actually SUPER easy! It is something you can use when you’re back in the classroom, too.

Why this is helpful:

Within most of the virtual classroom platforms, you can attach a file for your students to open for editing on their device. This even works if you want to send a part of a file out to be printed at home. I have seen many teachers using screenshots of pages in a file to send out. While this does work, it is time consuming and I have found a better way.

How to Easily use parts of a PDF:


And a BONUS tip:


Every single one of my resources can be EASILY used in distance learning and digital learning. Never hesitate to ask me for help figuring things out!! If i don’t know how, we will figure it out together 🙂 We are in this together!!

And don’t forget:

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Keep up the good work, teachers. I am AMAZED at how all of you have switched gears and adapted to the teaching methods that are best for your students and their families. That does not look the same in every school in every district in every state in every household. YOU are meeting kids and families where they are. You are doing what’s best for your kiddos. 💜 Keep up your hard work. Keep up your spirits. This is temporary and your class will know you loved them through it all. Maybe your school isn’t able to use every communication app and teaching app, maybe they are. Maybe all you can do is send well wishes, post cards, or make phone calls to check in. You are making a difference no matter what this season of teaching looks like for you. Teachers are AMAZING!

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