How to EASILY Use Parts of a PDF in Distance Learning (and in the classroom)


Hey Teacher Friends!

Like the rest of you across the world, I have been thrown into learning how to teach digitally. Recently, I did learn something that has changed how you can teach digitally as well as use it teaching in your classroom. I learned how to save just a selection of pages from a bigger file. *This also works with PowerPoint, if you want to save some or all of the slides as a PDF.

This is actually SUPER easy! It is something you can use when you’re back in the classroom, too.

Why this is helpful:

Within most of the virtual classroom platforms, you can attach a file for your students to open for editing on their device. This even works if you want to send a part of a file out to be printed at home. I have seen many teachers using screenshots of pages in a file to send out. While this does work, it is time consuming and I have found a better way.

How to Easily use parts of a PDF:


And a BONUS tip:


Every single one of my resources can be EASILY used in distance learning and digital learning. Never hesitate to ask me for help figuring things out!! If i don’t know how, we will figure it out together 🙂 We are in this together!!

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