Digital Science Lessons – Making Planning, Prepping, and Teaching EASY PEASY


This Summer, we are planning ahead for unknown and uncharted territory. Some of our schools may open like normal. Some of us may open with an A/B or spit day schedule.

I am working really hard this Summer to make sure we have what we need to teach Science no matter what next year looks like.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at what I have been working on. I am super excited about what this new format of science lessons can do for teachers in public schools, private schools, and homeschool.


I have created Completely Digital Lesson Sets that you simply send out to your students!! They can save as they go, and you can check their work at the end of the week. Digital Complete Lesson Sets are designed to make teaching digitally run smoothly. The lesson set is self-guided for the students to easily follow along and do all of their classwork independently. The lesson set is also paced through the week with the assignment guide slide. With the student having the entire lesson in one file, students can work ahead if you allow it.

Whats so great about these lesson sets is the wide variety of uses they have for in-classroom and at-home learning.

These digital lesson sets work great for:

•Independent work in the classroom on devices (perfect for offering student choices, too!)

•Learning from home & Distance learning

•Make-up work

•Teaching online


Let’s take a look at some parts of a digital lesson.

Each lesson set will have an assignment page with instructions for students their daily assignments. Here is a look at what an assignment page might look like for a science lesson.


Your students will have a complete week of high-quality, engaging science activities with teacher inputs and student outputs included.

Each week of learning will include:

  • Pre-learning activity – Think it up!
  • Read about it! Informational text with three key words
  • Think about your reading – graphic organizer to process the reading passage
  • Write about your reading- define key terms and use them to write a summary
  • Anchor chart (and bonus anchor chart)
  • 3 vocabulary practice pages for the three key terms
  • Digital Exploration – interactive digital lab
  • Exploration report
  • Creativity in science (student output ISN type activity)
  • Science in the Real World scavenger hunt
  • Analyzing Data – Formative assessment (answer sheet provided)
  • Critical Thinking Writing (CER) with rubric

I already posted the first completely digital lesson set designed for that first week of learning. Here are some highlight images to help you see what all your students will be doing in that first week of learning. This is what every single week will look like, just with new, exciting activities to fully cover each concept.


To stay up-to-date on newly uploaded digital lesson sets make sure to follow my store and my blog.

You can check the custom category for Digital Complete Lesson Sets to see what I have posted at the time you read this. As I write this, I have one completely digital lesson set posted. But, I have several made that I will post as soon as I get my virtual labs added. I plan to get the 5th grade lesson sets done through the Summer and Fall. Then, add in other grade levels. As always, I am more than happy to work with you on special requests if there is something you need sooner. I can try and sneak some extras in along the way.

I cannot wait to see how we can use completely digital lesson sets in our classrooms this year!!

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