10 Ways to Use 5th Grade Science Review Kits that Make Teaching a Breeze

10 Ways to Make Teaching Easier - 5th Grade Science Review Kits

This past Spring, I created a full set of science review kits that covers each of the Assessed Curriculum TEKS for the 5th grade Science STAAR test. As I created these review sets, I realized how easy they would make distance learning online for students. So, I made them digital as well.

The more I worked with these science review kits, I found that there are an endless amount of ways you can use these to make your teacher life easier. I made a bundle with enhanced savings so you can grab the whole year of these for $20. Each kit, and the bundle as well, includes a pdf version for easy printing, jpg files of each page to use in classroom learning apps, and a PowerPoint version that easily uploads into GoogleSlides.

10 Ways to Make Teaching Easier - 5th Grade Science Review Kits 3

Each standard (or pair of standards) is covered using an informational text. After students read about the concept, they define the three key terms highlighted in the text. These are the three key terms they will use when writing their summary about what they read. A vocab page is included that doubles as vocab matching or flashcards. Fold the definition back for flash cards or cut it out separately for matching! Plus, it gives students a way to check their work in defining the key terms. The final part (scavenger hunt) of each standard connects the learning to the real world around the student.

Now, for the 10 Ways You Can Use the 5th Grade Science Review Kits that Make Teaching a Breeze!

1. Reteach

After each unit test, you can work with students who missed the mark and need more help with that concept. A reteach is a necessary step to ensure your science students don’t get left behind or have holes in their learning. This sets them up for success for the STAAR test as well as for 6th grade. These sets provide a full reteach opportunity through literacy and real life examples.

2. Review

A good review before a unit test can refresh your students’ memories as well as catch them up on any parts of a concept they might have missed. I always like to take a day or two of review before any unit test. These kits make a great review opportunity because they will read, process the info, and find examples of the concepts making real world connections.

3. Test Prep

As soon as the second semester hits, I begin my test prep. Taking each Friday to cover a topic can help keep student learning fresh in their mind in preparation for that end of the year test. These kits can be used as review packets in school or at home. They would also work great in a bootcamp style review or review stations/rotations. Review Kits will easily add learning to my Science Review Stations and Review Activity Pages

4. Tutoring

Along the same lines as reteaches, tutoring allows you to work in a small group setting with your students and take a closer look at a concept. These kits would be perfect for a small group or one-on-one tutoring session. Walk through the learning, processing, and real life connections with your students for an engaging and memorable learning experience.

5. Summer Review

A good Summer Review packet can help students prevent that dreaded Summer Slide and make sure they are ready for 6th grade science. Plus, with the literacy component, they are keeping up those super important reading and comprehension skills. Pacing of a set per week would make a perfect Summer Review.

6. Back to School Recap

6th grade teachers can use these review sets to recap what they learned the year before. There are many ways you could use these in class or at home for the first part of the school year.

7. Homework

I am always trying to find something meaningful and engaging for science homework. What makes this so great for homework is the Science in Real Life Scavenger Hunts. They can find Science at home or in their neighborhood and make the concept mean something to them personally. Students could complete a set that corresponds with in-class learning that week, and turn it in on Fridays. This is a great self-paced homework assignment to build knowledge and responsibility.

8. Make-up Work

This is a great tool to send with a student who will be missing a week of school. They will be able to learn the concept out of the class while the rest of the class follows the normal lesson plan. Catching a student up when they have missed school is made easy with these sets, as well.

9. Sub Plans!!

Having these sets ready to go for a sub makes missing work so much easier. You use sets that correspond with a day or week you plan to be gone, or you can have any set up for a sick day. Any of these sets will make a great low prep activity for a last minute illness or absence. Have it sitting in your sub folder ready to go for any occasion!

10. Distance Learning

This is one we all know well from the Spring 2020 Covid craziness. These sets all come in both printable and digital versions which make teaching and learning science from home a breeze. There are many uses for these review kits and distance learning. They can be used in video conference small groups, a part of the lesson, video conference tutoring, sending home packets (easy to just print and staple), easily upload into google classroom or google slides, jpg files to use in any learning or classroom app, email to parents… The possibilities are endless!! I have also started building a collection of digital learning resources with the shift we have seen recently towards it.

* Using these sets on a device or online platform make teaching easy. Simply send to students or their devices where they can read and add text into the editable file!


Here is a look at the 5th Grade Science Review Kits and the Bundle:

{Click any image to grab that review kit for yourself}

digital cover


digtital cover



And, the bundle

bundle img review kits

I hope these sets make your job easier and save you some time for yourself!!


Best Wishes,


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