Anchor Chart Paper Teacher Hack

Chart paper isn’t cheap, and you probably use a lot of it if you like anchor charts as much as I do.

I have a simple little teacher hack for you, that will save you tons of money. Wrapping paper makes AMAZING chart paper for anchor charts.

Before you put away all of your Christmas decorations, find all your leftover wrapping paper and ask friends if they are throwing any away. Check out the holiday markdowns at stores for super cheap wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper can be nicely hung on the wall of your classroom using two command hooks and a thin rod. I use a cheap little tension rod for mine. Put the paper on the rod and roll down however much you need for an anchor chart. Cut it off and display in the room when you’re ready to make another anchor chart.

Here is an example of how you can use command hooks and a thin rod for hanging items in your classroom. As you can see, they work great for pocket charts too!

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