Back to School freebie Science craft

Back to School Science Craft (FREE)

I wanted to share this 3D craft with you so you would have a special way to get to know your science students on the first week of school (or any time of the year). This science activity will be a big hit for any elementary kid. It gets them thinking about scientists and what they might study. They think about themselves as a scientist and plan their lab, which is super fun and creative. The All About Me section is such a great way to let students express themselves and get to know each other. Goal setting can get kids excited about what they may accomplish this year, plus keep them thinking about working hard and working towards something positive.

Students can fill their scientist book with their creativity, what they love, and goals for the year.

This 3D book works with a minimum of 2 pages, so you can pick and choose what goes in your book.

You can display these in the classroom or the hallway and let students learn about each other. This can be a great start to building a classroom community. Kids (and adults) love to flip through and see what each friend has added.

To assemble:

Let students pick a scientist for their topper. If you want to eliminate choice, you can give everyone the mad scientist topper.

Each student will need one copy of the topper (on cardstock), the legs (on cardstock), and the book. The base of the book will be cardstock, but the pages will be regular printer/copy paper.

Students will color and decorate and fill out all the parts, then assemble.

Watch the video here to see the assembly.

Add your email below to have this activity sent right to you! I also want to help you be set up for your whole school year. So, I am sending out my weekly science lesson plans for 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd grade this year!! Watch for those to start this Summer. I will add links to ideas and resources anywhere they are helpful.

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