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How to Fit Science into a Busy Day of Learning

How can you fit Science into a packed day of learning? This is the biggest question I have seen asked over and over again in grades K-3. When I first started teaching, I taught 5th grade science. That is a state testing year in Texas. Each year, it drove me crazy to see Science pushed aside for Reading and Math. How were my students supposed to learn anything before 5th grade if it was put on the backburner each year prior? I say all this because I now get it. Reading and math are crucial in the youngest grades. If kids can’t get on level and stay on level, they might continue to fall behind. And, you have to have kids who can read if you want your 5th grade science tests to go well!

I want to help you fit Science into your crazy busy day. And, I want a way to provide real learning in the simplest, time-saving way. Since I have clearly been thinking on this topic for my last 12 years as a teacher, I do have an idea that would help you streamline your week in Science (if needed).

This is not for teachers who need in-depth coverage. This is not the best practice for teachers prepping students for state testing. This is not for teachers who have 30 minutes or more a day to spend on Science. You can use the full week of learning. To help you plan, I am posting my science lessons FREE on my blog. I don’t want you to miss out on a single free lesson plan, so make sure you sign up right now to get these sent straight to your inbox each week!!

Tech Station in the Literacy Block

First, you can add some simple DIGITAL lesson parts into a tech station. This could be done in your literacy block because each of my lesson sets come with a short informational text, a graphic organizer for the text, and a summary writing with the key terms from the text. Those 3 items can really help build student knowledge over the week while building skills in reading and writing!

Mad Science Time

Mad Science Time can be as little as 15-20 minutes once a week. Kids LOVE having this special time AND they get to experience their Science standard for the week in real life. This can be done with a full lab setup, or can be done with my virtual labs in my DIGITAL lesson sets. Hands-on is always my first choice, but virtual will work when lab supplies aren’t readily available and there is no time for lab prep.


Any of the student output activities listed below can work for the week’s assessment. Each of these activities are included in my DIGITAL lesson sets, so you can pick and choose what you have time for.

Here is how I would set up my week to get as much learning as possible in as little as 10 minutes a day.

The great thing about the digital lesson sets is that you can add in any extra activities when you have more time! And, being no prep means you can add them at the very last minute! The links in this post show you the digital option for each week of learning. But, my regular PDF paper versions of lesson plans have everything that my digital set have (and more). You can just as easily pick and choose from any lesson set I have and make it fit this streamline plan.

My goal is to get my best teaching ideas, plans, and resources out there to save you time and sanity. I know I spend way too much time scrolling Pinterest and Instagram looking for ideas. There is no need for that when I have a full year of science lesson sets in my TPT store. You can literally just grab them and teach! But, you can also find loads of ideas and resources here on my website. The blog is a great place to start. If you want FREE lesson plans sent to you each week of the school year, then don’t forget to sign up for my Science Newsletter. You would never have to waste time scrolling for science ideas again!

I am always just an email away if you need help figuring out your science scope, schedule, or curriculum! Elementaryali[at]teachersworkstation[dot]com

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