7 Easy Science Ideas for when Your School Closes

Here we go again, staffing shortages with schools having half their teachers out due to Covid lead to schools closing.

Our poor students are already working so hard to catch back up, from years of pandemic learning. And we are exhausted trying our best to love and teach our students.

I wanted to share some of my favorite learning ideas for elementary science. I’ll start with the best and easiest way to keep your students engaged and learning from home. OR, in the classroom when you have a sub! All of these make great quick and easy sub plan fillers.

#1 DIGITAL Week of Learning Complete Lesson Sets

These are my favorite and easiest teaching resources. Just send to student devices and check at the end of the week! My DIGITAL complete lesson sets include everything from pre-learning to informational texts with graphic organizer and summary writing to digital explorations and critical thinking activities. All in one self-guiding Google slides file! Students and parents have both raves about these sets, and teachers love how they can keep learning going even with students or themselves out. Also: You never have to make copies or gather lab supplies again if you use them in the classroom. Think of the time that opens up for you to plan and work one-on-one with your struggling readers or math students. The rest of the class has what they need to stay engaged for science time.

You can find any of my DIGITAL Lesson Sets here.

#2 Science Review Kits

You can print or send these review kits digitally. I love the versatility of these review kits because they can be used for days when you or your students are out of school, review weeks and bootcamps for STAAR test prep, or for tutoring reteach opportunities.

Students will complete each section in the following order:

1.Read about it!

2.Write about it!

3.Vocabulary Flash Cards

Check to see how close you were to the real definition of the words!

Fold the cards and practice

4. Science in the Real World Activity page

These digital review kits can be used in addition to my regular lesson sets since the text and activities are unique from my other texts. Each set in the bundle covers a reporting category of standards for the 5th grade STAAR test.

You can grab the review kits here.

#3 Science Diagrams

Diagrams are a treasured jewel in science. These are visual, memorable, and show relationships within a concept. That’s why they make such good anchor charts! I love them for teaching, review (quick draw games), and supplemental aids. This is the simplest of activities for students to have real learning on one page. These can be assigned paper or digital through any platform you can upload pdf or screenshots. I am planning to add a Google slides digital version to this file soon!!

You can grab my Science Diagrams here.

#4 DIGITAL Escape Challenges

What makes my digital escape reviews work as a teaching resource is that an explanation is provided for each incorrect answer they select. They can take notes on their journey through this to make it a full learning experience. These are designed to cover the 5th grade science STAAR reporting categories which makes perfect review activities for in the classroom or at home. Each challenge is pretty quick, so students won’t get bored or lost in the review/learning.

You can grab my 5th Grade Science Escape Challenges here.

#5 Writing Templates for Nonfiction Reader Response and Informative Writing

I have templates for a variety of reading and writing in the classroom even including poetry. These are just such an easy quick grab for any time you need an activity. These can be printed, or sent through a learning platform that uploads pdf or image files.

You can find any of my writing template sets here.

#6 Illustrated Note Pages (Science Review)

This is another set that covers the tested standards for the 5th grade science STAAR test. I love illustrated notes and worksheets because they make the science standards more memorable for students. Illustrations also help students understand the concept better. These can be printed or sent using a platform that uploads pdf or images.

You can grab the Illustrated Review Pages here.

#7 Science Starters

These weekly sets include a daily question for students to think about science. I use them for starting off each day as students enter the classroom. But, they could make a super quick and simple page to send out for the week in a pinch. These are not for learning a new concept, but thinking about the concept before the learning activities.

You can grab my year off Science Starters here.

I hope this helps save you some time and sanity the next time you need to plan a quick lesson for school closures or sub days!!

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