Christmas Science and Literacy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and maybe the most chaotic!

I love making things fun around holidays because higher engagement equals fewer behavior issues. Plus, it’s just more fun!

These are some of my favorite Christmas/ Winter Holiday activities.

My absolute favorite part of these lesson units is the real world connection to interesting and common topics this time of year.

The lesson themed “How Did Santa Choose His Reindeer” is a super fun scientific look at Santa’s reindeer. Did you know they are actual female reindeer? Students learn how we can infer this based on science!

The 3 R’s of the Holidays is a fun look at how we can reduce, reuse, and recycle during the holidays when wrapping paper alone can be a huge waste of resources.

Snowman Weather is a great lesson for the week we come back from Winter Break. This is a fun way to get back into the swing of things after the break.

The evergreen trees lesson set is another look at a traditional Christmas holiday icon and why this tree is a best choice for decorating this time of the year. we see evergreen trees in living rooms, town centers, malls, everywhere this time of year so students can relate to the science exploration of adaptations using this recognizable symbol.

A collection of science skill building pages can be really handy for filler activities and for days/weeks that are a bit off schedule.

STEM challenges are another great option to help keep learning going and students engaged. These two are fun for before and after winter break.

The only thing that makes this resource better is that it now has DIGITAL lesson options so you can go NO PREP!

Winter Holiday Christmas Science is a great way to incorporate science learning with reading skills during the holiday season!! And an easy, fun way to start back off after the Winter break!!

This Winter Holiday & Christmas learning set includes:

Informational Reading Passages with Vocabulary Enrichment, Graphic Organizers, and Writing Summaries

1. How Santa Chose His Reindeer 

2. Snowman Weather

3. The three R’s and the Holidays

4. Evergreen tree Adaptations 

Science Practice Printables

1. Ornamental Diameters

2. Freezing Melting and Boiling Points Practice

3. Wintery Science tools

4. Snowflake Light Circuit 

STEM Challenges

1. Igloo Insulators

2. Christmas Light Circuit

Google Slides links are in the PDF and ready to make learning in those winter weeks fun and engaging, even for distance learning!

Great for:

•Distance Learning

•Classroom Learning


•Make-up Work

•Station Work

Make learning fun during (and after) the holidays AND get ready for the STAAR test at the same time!!!!

Science topics covered with the Winter, Holiday, and Christmas theme include:

Animal Adaptations

Plant Adaptations

Conserving Natural Resources- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Melting/ Freezing Point and Boiling Point of water

Measuring Diameters

Using Science Tools



I hope this helps give you a collection of resources that keep you and your students sane the weeks around winter break.

Happy Teaching!

– Alicia (Elementary Ali)

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