Science Lab Kits to complete your science lessons

If you’ve ever thought, “I just need a good lab so my students can master this week’s science content.”… My new Science Lab Kits are for you!

If you’ve ever thought, “I just don’t have the materials to set up a good lab this week.”… My new Science Lab Kits are also for you! I am including DIGITAL labs in these kits!! 

We all know that students need to experience the science concepts in a real world kind of way. This is an engaging and memorable way to learn! You have your lesson ready to go, but you really need that high quality, engaging lab that leads to students mastering the standards. 

I’ve been sharing my complete lesson sets for almost ten years, now, and the word I hear most often from teachers who use them is “engaging”. Teachers say that both they and students love the lessons, and they love the labs. Even though I hear this constantly from teachers, my eyes still light up every time I get that feedback. That’s because student engagement is key to learning and it tells me teachers are getting results they want. 

Teachers have been requesting to purchase my labs individually for the standards when that’s the part they need. 

You asked. And I listened!

Are you looking for ways your students can experience the science concept in a real and engaging way?

Do you need a cost effective resource that is still high quality and guides students through mastering the science standards?

That is exactly why I have put together this Properties of Matter Science Lab Kit! You get a standards based hands-on lab that also comes with a NO PREP digital lab option, PLUS 3 Lab Station Extras to deepen student understanding. Just add simple lab supplies! Or use the digital exploration for a NO PREP setup, sub days, and make-up labs. And it’s only $3.50!!

Here is what you get:

– Describing Matter Observation Stations with lab instruction cards and a recording sheet

– Tricky Masses critical thinking activity to analyze their observations

There are 6 lab stations for the Observation Stations:

  1. Mass and Volume
  2. Magnetism
  3. Ability to Conduct (or insulate) Electricity
  4. Solubility
  5. Ability to Float / Density
  6. Physical State

Lab Station Extras:

– Properties of Matter Read About It with KWL reading response activity

– Properties of Matter Anchor Chart with a fill-in-the-blank printable

– Properties of Matter Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe game

AND, you get the Google slides version of the lab!! You can use the digital exploration for a NO PREP setup, sub days, and make-up labs. This is a really handy bonus to have available. 

– Digital Lab with fillable Lab Sheet in Google Slides
– Bonus Science in the Real World exolorator

I am so excited to be adding these science kits to my curriculum collection, and I’m excited to find a more affordable way for you to get what you need for your classroom. 

Feel free to reach out and let me know what labs you need. I will be able to bump your requests up in my schedule!

I hope this helps make your teacher life a bit easier! 

Happy teaching, friend!

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