Groundhog Day Science Ideas for Elementary Classrooms

Are you looking for some ideas to use for Science on Groundhog Day?

February 2nd is right around the corner and you’re wanting to connect another holiday to science. I love to make holidays and fun days connect to real science standards. So what kinds of ideas can we come up with that gives us real learning while making it a fun day for our students?

I have a few ideas for you to try this year.

Shadows and Light

Shadow puppets are just a fun way to explore light and shadows. Shadow puppets are fun at any age!

You can tie in a full science lesson this week on light or patterns of the Sun casting shadows .

Weather and Seasons

Groundhog Day is a perfect time to make learning about the seasons interesting! We are all so ready for Spring weather by February 2nd that Groundhog’s Day gets us hopeful for Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction.

Weather patterns is another perfect topic to connect with a fun day of science. Get outside and make some observations. Connect observations with weather forecasts/history and make some predictions!

A couple more ideas:

– A science experiment testing the relationship between shadows and seasons.

– Research how the weather on February 2nd corresponds with the groundhog’s prediction. Is there a pattern we can find?

Organisms and Environments

Hibernation/ Animal Behavior and Weather Patterns: it’s really interesting to see how animal behaviors and their bodies can predict upcoming weather. This could be a fun research project!

More coming soon!!

What would you like to see me add?

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