3 Favorite Ways to Test Prep for 5th Grade Science

The big test prep season is where the real fun comes in! I have a few ways that I have loved making test prep fun. These can be done as one test prep event, or can be split into three different events on your calendar.

I put all the details and resources in my FREE Test Prep Guide PLUS planning pages for you to map out your good ideas!

Test Prep Boot Camp
A boot camp is a fun way to review with students before the big test and make it fun for them. Putting together some sort of big event to get kids pumped up with an extra review that feels like a party makes the test prep season more bearable for you and your students. Boot camps can be done in your individual classroom, or as a grade level team. A link to my FREE Review Bootcamp kit is in the guide.

Science Night
A Science Night is a lot of fun, but will take several volunteers and more work for setup.
This can be a drop-off/lock-in style event for a few hours on a Friday or Saturday night. Or, it can be a family night where families join their 5th graders in the stations.

Fun Fridays For the weeks leading up to the state test, I like to make Fridays a fun review day. Each Friday students can rotate through 1-2 stations. Students enjoy partner and group work which makes stations more fun. After station time is done, you can allow free choice time or play science related games. TW Science Review Stations is setup for Friday Stations with recording pages for students to take notes on what they figure out at each station.

You can grab my complete guide and test prep calendars for FREE for some ideas and resources to get you going! I hope this helps make your test prep season more fun with fewer tears!! Let me know if you need any help or more resources. I’m always happy to brainstorm with fellow teachers.

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