The Big List of 5th Grade Science Curriculum for Your State Standards

This is the perfect Science Planning Hub for 5th grade science teachers. You will find free full year planning guides for each state or standards type (see available states below), full year bundles with your whole year planned and ready to go, and even some in-depth mastery guides (more coming soon!).

Looking for high quality and engaging lessons and materials that lead to students mastering the standards without you having to waste your nights and weekends planning and prepping? Look no further! The lesson sets in this curriculum are highly rated by teachers and school districts with constant feedback raving about student engagement. Fun exploring Science! Teachers and students both love these lesson sets.

There are several bundles specially designed to help you cover your state’s Science standards. You can have both a curriculum and daily teaching system that save you time and sanity while allowing you to leave work on time and enjoy your teacher life.

5th Grade NGSS Full Year Bundle

5th Grade GSE Full Year Bundle

5th Grade TN Full Year Bundle

5th Grade Ohio Full Year Bundle

5th Grade MO Full Year Bundle

Coming Soon

Each bundle gives you an entire year of done for you lessons and materials! All you have to do is print, copy, and maybe add some simple lab supplies.

Don’t have the time or materials for a lab? No problem! Digital versions are included for each lesson set and have digital labs!

This is your one stop shop for complete lesson sets to teach the topic and standards!! Everything you need to teach each standard is included in this set. All you need to add are the lab materials, which I keep as simple as possible.

The activities in each lesson set are created to incorporate reading and writing into the Science curriculum. The lesson is designed to last about a week or two (depending on your timing and students), and encourage student participation. These lessons also use Interactive Notebooks, Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and Project Based Learning to enrich the learning experience.

Here’s what you get for each unit of the year:

Lesson Planning Guide

Pre-learning Activity

Word Wall Builder Chart

Informational Text with Key Terms

Graphic Organizer

Summary Writing

Word Wall Cards

Vocabulary Matching (3 Key Terms)

Vocabulary Activity Pages (3 Key Terms)

Anchor Chart

Interactive Science Notebook


Critical Thinking Activity: Analyzing Data


Daily Science Starters

Formative Assessment with Rubric

Look at the preview to see the week-by-week guide and images of each lesson set included so far and what’s still coming!

Thousands of teachers have used this bundle to bring better engagement and student understanding into their science block. If you’re looking for a way to completely rock teaching science this year, then you will love having this resource on hand.

Print, copy, and teach!

Give yourself the gift of time and sanity! You deserve it.

Homeschool parent? These curriculum bundles have worked well for several homeschooling families as well.

Need a planning guide or full year curriculum for your state standards? I can add anything by request!! Let me know if you don’t see what you need! Feel free to email me at elementaryali[at]gmail[dot]com

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    I cannot get the NGSS free planning guide to download. Is the link broken? The other links to the planning guides open and ask for an email address but not the NGSS one.

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