July Teaching Tool Giveaway! Teacher Binder and Calendar Printables

July is the time when I always start seriously planning for the following school year. That is why I wanted to give away a set of planning materials this month! The teacher binder sets are a basic tool to help you start planning and organizing lessons for the school year. I love using binders rather than files because they keep everything in line exactly where it needs to go. My files end up a big pile of papers shoved in to a file folder, and I hate digging through them to find anything. Switching to binders saved me so much time and energy. Here is a freebie to get you started! Click the picture below to get the Teacher Binder Set!

teacher binder

Teacher Binder Freebie

Each set in this collection has printable binder covers and spines.

*Calendar  July 2014- July 2015

*Lesson Planning binder with templates for planning both weekly and a 5E lesson plan.

*Student Information Binder with class lists, student checklist, student grading sheet, log-ins and passwords for teacher/class and students, student information sheets, RTI log, reading levels, test data.

*IEP binder cover and spine

*Student Data binder cover and spine with copies of student grading sheet, RTI log, reading levels, test data.

*Parent Contact binder with communication log printable.

*Subject binder labels for binders storing papers for each subject.

*Tutoring binder with student checklist



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