The Twelve Days of Christmas Tips and Tricks: Sixth Day of Christmas – Learning Lock-in Tools

12 days of Christmas tips and gifts

Follow with me each day as I post my 12 gifts of Christmas for teachers. Each day will have a tip to encourage engaged learning in your classroom and a free gift to accompany that tip. Here goes the sixth day!

On the sixth day of Christmas, Elementary Ali gave to me…

Six Learning Lock-in Tools!

A Learning Lock-in is a fun way to review before a big end-of-the-year test! Lock-ins are fun ways to get kids pumped up about what they have learned and how they can show it! This is valuable tool for preparing your kids for the STAAR test. A couple weeks before testing begins, throw a Science Learning Lock-in for the kiddos. They will love to get together with their friends after school to play games and compete. This week your gift is six science lock-in tools!

learning lock-in schedule

learning lock-in game template

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