Week Eighteen Science Lessons: Moon Phases

Grade 5 Science

Week Eighteen Lessons

This week we will continue the Space Unit. This week we will cover the Moon Phases. Moon phases are not exactly a 5th grade standard. However, they are required to know it and recall the phases from 4th grade. Students struggle with understanding the moon phases even in middle school! So, it can’t hurt to learn it again in 5th. This lesson is filled with reading and models to help students grasp the concept. Here is a lesson to help you plan. Links to actual materials and lessons are provided throughout this post. I hope you can find something to help make planning this year a little, or a lot, easier!

moon phases lesson plan

TEKS/ Standards:

4th grade (C) collect and analyze data to identify sequences and predict patterns

of change in shadows, tides, seasons, and the observable

appearance of the Moon over time.

“I can” Statements:

I can identify the sequence and predict the pattern of the moon phases.

Essential Questions:

Monday – Where can you find the moon at night? Is it the same in the daytime?

Tuesday – What makes the moon appear to change shapes?

Wednesday – How does the moon move?

Thursday – Why is there a lunar cycle?

Friday – What is the difference between revolution and rotation?

Word Wall Words:

Rotation/ Rotates

Revolution/ Revolves

New Moon

Full Moon

Lesson Ideas and Materials:


Science Wall Complete each day with your choice of word wall words.

Earth and Space Interactive Science Notebook

Science and Literacy Moon Phases

Science Diagram Pack

Earth Science Vocabulary

STAAR Science Review Stations

Lesson Ideas:

(Monday) Students will begin the Moon Phase Calendar and go on a “moon walk”. Students will try the Moon Phase Sort. Complete the first 2 columns of a Word Wall Builder Chart. –All this is in the Science and Literacy Moon Phases

moon phase calendar

(Tuesday) Students will read an informational text about the Moon Phases and complete a graphic organizer to process the information. Complete the third column of the Word Wall Builder Chart. –All this is in the Science and Literacy Moon Phases.moon graphic organizer

(Wednesday) Students will complete a summary writing with key terms from Tuesday’s reading. – Science and Literacy Moon Phases. Students will complete the Phases of the Moon Diageram with facts and the Moon Phases Model in their notebooks- Earth and Space Interactive Science Notebook

(Thursday) Students will complete  and observe the Moon Phases model board lab.-Science and Literacy Moon Phases. Complete the Moon Phases Diagram as a class. –  Science Diagram Pack. The students can fill in their printable poster, and you can make one on chart paper to hang up around the room.

(Friday) Continue the STAAR Science Review Stations this week. Complete one or two rotations of stations this Friday. Only 13 weeks before the STAAR Science!

*Complete the vocabulary pages that were not completed through the week.

Additional resources:

The following links to the pretty PDF of this lesson plan.

5th Science Lesson Plans

Need materials for younger grades?

The materials in this lesson are intended for 5th graders in Texas, but are taught in a way that they could be easily modified for younger and older grades.

Here is what I have for Earth and Space so far.

2nd Grade Earth and Space Science Notebook

Kindergarten Interactive Science Notebook with Word Wall Cards

Complete the vocabulary pages that were not completed through the week.

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