Planning New Years Resolutions That Stick

New Years Resolutions that Stick

The time is here again for the “new year, new me” plans! Being an over ambitious planner, I love making lists and calendars to organize my hopes and goals for a new year. I get pretty nerdy when it comes to these things. This year I’m thinking about health and organization and personal bests! It’s easy to start the first week of the year off well and following your plans for your big resolutions. It’s also easy to slide back after the first of the year, and lose sight of your goals. I have some tips for your resolution planning and how to keep it up.

2015 goals

A few other goals I have in mind:

*organize one area of a room each day/week

*sign up for a few 5k’s this year

*turn corrections from “no” or “don’t” to a more positive statement

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How to make your New Years Resolutions Stick:

1. Think personal, reasonable, and achievable.

Plan your goals for your personal best. Don’t focus on others as your bar for success. We are all in different places in our lives, in different situations, and with different motivations. By all means dream big! Just set your goals with a focus that builds yourself towards your dreams.

List your goals

2. Make benchmarks, or mini goals to hit on your way to a big goal.

Some goals are long winded, making it easy to get lost along the way. Set mini goals to see progress and achievement along the way.

3. Post your list where you will see it each morning.

I like to post my goals on the inside of my closet door. I don’t like my goals posted on the refrigerator because they are personal, and for me to see.  Everyday when I get ready, I go to my closet and use the full length mirror on the door. That is a private place where I can place reminders, and I know I will see them. You could even write on your mirror with dry erase marker!

4. Mark your calendar.

Reminders, goal achievement days, and mini goals need to go in the calendar that you check regularly. I like to use printed calendars, but your phone’s calendar might be a better option.

Mark your calendar

Grab this free collection of planning pages!

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