Week Thirty Science Lessons: STAAR Test Prep and Review Week

Week Thirty Science Lessons: STAAR Test Prep and Review Week

The time has come. They have learned it all. Now, it is time to help them refresh their memories and get ready to show what they know!

The big focus this week needs to be “refreshing”, not “stressing”! Help bring all they have learned to the surface. Practice those diagrams. Recite science facts. Re-experience science standards. Students should know this is important, but shouldn’t be in tears or sick to their stomach. Make review fun and meaningful and they will get where they need to be 🙂

Here are some things to help you this week.


STAAR Review Stations

STAAR Review Activity Pages

Review Game Ideas

Ideas for STAAR Test Prep

Lesson Ideas:

Make this week fun and help students recall science knowledge for their big test.

Work on one Reporting Category each day with the class. Have students complete the pages from the reporting category, then go over it as a class. You can have them work on the pages for homework the night before Monday-Thursday nights, and then go over in class. This will give you time for review games Tuesday-Friday.

Have fun. Don’t stress. Prepare them for what to do when they get their test.

Best wishes this week!

STAAR review stations

STAAR Test reviews

Ideas for reviewing for the STAAR test

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