Glowing Foam Volcano Experiment

Glowing Volcano Eruption – Science Experiments for Kids

I love a good science demo or lab for getting my year started off in any science class. Get kids curious and excited about science!

The Glowing Volcano Eruption is easy to make and soooooo much fun to watch. I love anything that glows. 🙂

I took a aluminum tray, and placed a narrow cup in the center. I used brown play doh to build a volcano shape around the cup, leaving the cup opening exposed. Then, I just added the glowing foam which you can find instructions after the volcano pics.
Have fun, and enjoy your science classes!!





4Tbs (barely) warm water

2tsp yeast

1 cup hydrogen peroxide (The higher the percent

Hydrogen Peroxide, the thicker the foam. 3% was

used in this picture.)

5-10 drops food coloring

Glow Sticks ( at least 3)

3 drops of dish soap

Soda bottle



1.Place the empty soda bottle on a large tray.

2.Mix yeast and warm water together in a small bowl or beaker.

3.Pour the hydrogen peroxide into the soda bottle.

4.Add food coloring, dish soap, and glow stick liquid to the soda bottle. (Cut both ends of the glow stick to pour it into the bottle.)

5.Turn most/all of the lights off. It even looks neat in the light.

6.Add the yeast mixture to the soda bottle.

7.Watch the excitement!

**Don’t worry this does not explode all that big. A cookie tray is sufficient for catching the foam.

Enjoy making science fun and memorable!

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