Starting the School Year Virtual – How I know you will rock it

We are all in uncharted territory here. We are pretty much all first year virtual teachers. And, first year pandemic teachers.


I remember one big thing about my first year. I was terrified. I thought I was in over my head. I thought I couldn’t do it. I thought everyone would know that I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. But, you know what? I rocked it! (Not as much as I rocked the following years lol But I did totally fine!)
I mustered all the courage I had, and I did the best I could. And, as it turned out, I did alright! The year turned out to be great. I am a teacher in my heart and soul. I was there for the kids. I built classroom relationships between all of us. I read the standards and followed the school’s guidelines. I taught those kids the best way I knew how. I ended up feeling like it was a successful year. Sure, I cried in my driveway before walking in the house one night. And, my nerves were vibrating out of control that first week or so. But, within a month or two, it all felt like it was no big deal and I was in a groove.
I say all this because it may be how you are feeling starting a school year off in a way you are not used to. This may be how you are feeling trying to manage virtual learners. This may be how you are feeling trying to follow the guidelines for health and safety in your schools.
But, you know what?
You are a teacher in your heart and soul. You will show up and rock this!

I hope you have an amazing school year. I hope you know that you are amazing. I hope you know how important you are in the lives of students and their families.


I have been working with teachers for months, helping them get the resources they need in digital formats. Never hesitate to reach out to me for help making your lesson set or resource work in your virtual format. There may be something I can easily do with my resources on my end that make them work better for you.

Best Wishes and Happy School Year!


Elementary Ali

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