Top 3 End of the Year STEM Units that Keep Students Engaged and Behavior Under Control

Teachers, Summer is coming!! This is always an exciting time of the year, which makes all those behavior skills your students work so hard to build all year go right out the window. 😅

No fear! Simple literacy-infused STEM units are my absolute favorite way to keep students learning and engaged during the last few weeks of school. This is one of the biggest sanity savers you can give yourself at the end of the year!!

Race Car Derby STEM Challenge Unit

Racecar Derby is a 3 week unit with activities for each week so students can create something fun while revisiting some physical science standards! Each week has its own racecar challenge: Fastest Car, Coolest Trick, and Distance Champ. This is always my favorite unit.

Students will read an informational text that reviews some physical science that will help them best design their challenge/trick car. Then, they will plan out their design, build their design, test it, and show off their design! Printable reward ribbons are provided to make the challenges competitive.

ScribbleBots STEM Challenge Unit

Scribble Robots is a 3 week STEM unit with a new challenge each week! Students stay engaged through informational text research and STEM planning to create their weekly robot challenge.

Students will read the informational text to gain more knowledge for their build. Then, design, build, test, and show off their robots! There are 3 weekly challenges which include simple circuit building, scribble bot building, and building their own robot. Click the link to see more information on this STEM unit.

Escape the Flood STEM Challenge Task Cards

Escape the Flood is a 7 Round STEM Scoot Activity with Task Cards and Student Recording Sheet. A Critical Thinking Challenge: Design Activity with design guide brings STEM and creativity into this fun week of engagement.

Each task will follow the theme of animals trying to escape a canyon with a flood coming towards them.

A list of very simple supplies are included, but any STEM supplies will work for these challenge rounds.

This STEM set is designed to follow the Changing Matter Complete Lesson Set

I hope you and your class really enjoy those last few weeks of school with some fun-filled STEM units!

Let the Summer Countdowns begin!!

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