Fairytale Classroom Theme Decor

Pinterest and Instagram are filled with so many amazing ideas and beautiful classrooms. I scrolled for weeks trying to decide what theme I wanted to go with, only to settle on a fairytale theme. Guess how many classrooms I found with a fairytale theme. Two! Only a couple posts had ideas to help me plan. Guess how many fairytale classroom decor sets are out there… none you can buy in stores. And not any printable materials I liked. I was pretty bummed, but I did what I could to come up with something I loved and that my students would love.
I did manage to come up with a black and white theme with fairytale fun scattered throughout.

I created my own fairytale character clip art and made letters out of books I cut up. And then, I drew some big scenes on butcher paper.

I wanted to save all of my classroom pics in one place for quick reference. And, maybe it will help you with some classroom decor ideas. So here it is! (Most of the posts, you will have to click on them to swipe and see all the images)

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