FREE Sub Folder!!

Don’t you love having a system in place that allows you to not worry about missing a day in the classroom?

No more scrambling for last minute sub plans so you can call in sick or plan a day off. Plus, I am sending out FREE science lesson plans for each week of the school year that you will not want to miss out on! Let me know where to send your new time and sanity saver?

This tab book sub folder is my new favorite way to have my classroom ready for any unexpected (or planned) sub days. My subs find it so easy to flip through the tabs and find exactly what they need for the day! You can add whatever pages you want between tabs or you can set up folders for each set of copies like I prefer.

This sub folder can be printed front and back. Cut the edge with the tab and place any extra pages you want in between tabs. All tabs are editable to fit your needs. You could have it set up by subject or even by day for a full week of plans.

Click here to grab my Free Sub Folder!

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