Quick Lesson Planning

Are you tired of staying late or planning over the weekend? I know I used to be. Anyone who has worked with me over the years knows that I love to simplify my workload so that I can work smarter and quicker. I have my planning and prepping down to a science. Here is a quick sped up peek at how I planned three months of science lessons in about 20 minutes!

I have a few favorite tools that allow me to plan like this.

1. My Editable Teacher Binders

This is where the calendar came from. I have several different planning templates in the binders, but this year I realized planning straight on the calendar page is so quick and easy.

2. My Scope and Sequence

I have a full year planned out with weekly units for grades 2-5. This is one of my favorite reference tools!! You can grab it free by clicking the link above.

3. My Daily Science Plans Template

This is included in each of my complete lesson sets to help you plan your week with ease.

4. My Unit Test Week Plans

I have a week set aside for unit tests so I have a cushion for getting behind during a unit. Plus, we can review and use our test as another teach opportunity.

5. Test Prep

This is probably the most serious and stressful unit of the school year. I cried my first year of STAAR test prep season! But, now I have systems in place that make this tear free for us and fun for the kids.

I hope you found some helpful tips to save yourself time and sanity planning your science class. If you need more help getting yourself set up for an easy breezy school year, now is the time to do it! Let me know! I’m always happy to help 🙂

Happy Teaching,

Alicia (Elementary Ali)

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