What is a Scientist? STEM and Literacy 1st Grade Science

The great thing about these STEM and Literacy Lesssons is that they are very flexible. You can spread them out over the course of two weeks (or more) if you want. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have ample science or STEM time, you can use it for one week. Here is a sample schedule for using this unit over two weeks.


Monday: Princess and the Pea read aloud with a game that connects the reading to the science. A writing connection helps students process what they are experiencing and keeps them excited about this unit.

Tuesday: Informational Text about Scientists with a graphic organizer to process the reading. A place is also provided on the text for students to define the two bold words based on what they read. Graphic organizers always have a topic based image or doodle for a visual note style page.

Wednesday: Anchor Charts are the best way to help your visual learners take in the new information. The images and short texts give a wide range of learners more access to the new information. Plus, they make great reference posters around the room! I make these anchor charts printable so you don’t have to worry about your art skills or what should go on them. Students can color on their own version and place it in their science notebooks. Since you learned the two new words in the informational text yesterday, you can work through the word wall builder chart as a class today.

Thursday: LAB DAY! This is the fun day. I love lab days. Students love lab days. Its something we get to look forward to every week or two. This is where students will experience thinking like a scientist and using their 5 senses.

Friday: Write About It is an activity I like students to complete after lab day. They can think creatively about everything they have learned so far. This makes a short and simple Friday activity so you can fit in any extra small group time or Fun Friday time you want.


Monday: Students can complete their vocab page for the word hypothesis. Then, this week’s big fun day begins! STEM DAY!! Students will work in pairs or groups to design a bed that can hold 3 books. The list of materials and planning pages are provided in the STEM and Literacy Set.

Tuesday: Students can complete their vocab page for the word observe. Then, this week’s big fun day continues! STEM DAY!! Students will work in pairs or groups to build their bed that can hold 3 books. The list of materials and planning pages are provided in the STEM and Literacy Set.

Wednesday: Students will complete a Draw and Describe to show what they have learned. This is something students can draw and label or write longer sentences depending on their ability level.

Thursday: Extra literacy connection activities that can work as a game or centers. You can see the activities below: Write the Room Crowns, Elements of a Story Flip Chart, Story Telling Craft.

Friday: Extra Math connection activities that can work as a game or centers. You can see the activities below: Making 5 Princess and the Pea Game.

I have posted the whole set with materials so you don’t have to waste any of your time finding them.

Tired of trying to squeeze too many subjects into each day? I love how this STEM and Literacy kit helps you put Science, Reading, Writing, and Math all in one lesson! Connecting between the content areas has never been this easy!!

This is a fairy tale STEM kit that is based on the story of the Princess and the Pea. Students will be engaged through this entire lesson while mastering science concepts, comprehension, fluency, and basic math operations!!

This lesson set gives you a complete lesson of done for you activities and materials! All you have to do is print, copy, and maybe add some simple lab/STEM supplies.

This is ready-to-go with lesson planning guide, teacher instructions, lesson activities, and student pages (learning, practice, and crafts)! All pages and images are high quality and research based.

Here is what you get:

  • Lesson Planning Guide
  • Word Wall Builder Chart
  • Word Wall Cards (2 Science Words)
  • Vocabulary Activity Pages (2 Science Words)
  • Fairy Tale Story Book “The Princess and the Pea” in full color
  • Fairy Tale Student Level Reader “The Princess and the Pea” in black line
  • Fairy Tale Game
  • Fairy Tale Writing connection
  • Informational Text (Teacher Input)
  • Reader Response Activity (Graphic Organizer)
  • Anchor Chart printable (Teacher Input)
  • Hands-on Activity or Lab (fairy tale connection)
  • Write About It! (Creative/ Processing Activity)
  • STEM Challenge connecting the story to the science concept
  • Draw and Describe (Formative Assessment Activity)
  • Extra Literacy Connection – Write the Room
  • Extra Literacy Connection – Elements of a Story Flip Chart Craft
  • Extra Literacy Connection – Retelling the Story Craft
  • Math Connection – Making 5 Addition Game
  • Math Connection – Making 5 Addition Practice Page

Click the image below to grab the FREE STEM & Literacy Planner for What is a Scientist.

Science Standards/Topics:

1.3 (A) observations are active acquisition of either qualitative or quantitative information from a primary source through the senses;

1.3 (B) inferences are conclusions reached on the basis of observations or reasoning supported by relevant evidence;

1.3 (C) hypotheses are tentative and testable statements that must be capable of being supported or not supported by observational evidence. Hypotheses of durable explanatory power that have been tested over a wide variety of conditions are incorporated into theories; and

ELAR Standards/Topics:

Fluency, Elements of a Story, Comprehension, Sight Words, Retelling a Story

Math Standards/Topics:

Addition, making 5

Everything in this STEM lesson set follows the Princess and the Pea theme for a cohesive unit.

Any materials, clipart, photographs, and products downloaded or purchased from this TeachersPayTeachers store are intended for individual classroom use (one user), and never for commercial purposes. Sharing is only permitted with the purchase of multiple user licenses.

If you’re looking for a way to completely rock teaching this year, then you will love having this STEM and Literacy resource on hand. Print, copy, and teach! Give yourself the gift of time and sanity! You deserve it.

I have more STEM and Lit plans coming very soon!!

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