Teacher’s Workstation’s VIP Teacher List: FREE Giveaways

Hey Hey Teacher Friend! Your job is not easy, and you deserve all the time/sanity saving resources!  I want to share my monthly giveaways with you. These are sent straight to your inbox. No contest entries, just download!

I have three VIP lists for you to choose from:

Elementary Science – You get FREE weekly lesson plans PLUS monthly VIP giveaways.

Preschool and PREK – You get FREE Monthly lesson plans PLUS monthly VIP giveaways.

Kindergarten – You get a FREE detailed Year at a Glance PLUS more coming soon!!

Click on of the VIP lists and join today so you don’t miss out on any more AMAZING resources!

This VIP Teacher List felt like a great way to spoil fellow teachers. I have a realtor friend that does monthly VIP giveaways, and I really feel spoiled by her. I wanted to do the same for you, and I really look forward to sharing my teacher goodies with you!!

The first giveaway will come out this week!! Sign up today so you don’t miss out on any FREE resources that I hope will save you some time and/or sanity!

Don’t ever worry about getting spam emails from me. I am a teacher, too. Plus a mom, and a wife, and a PTA board member, and I have a garden and a full herd of mini farm animals… I don’t have time to send anything annoyingly often or useless 🙂

Happy Teaching!!

-Alicia (Elementary Ali)

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