Meet the Teacher Night Scavenger Hunt

Meet the Teacher Night Made Easy!!

Are you ready to make a great first impression and get all your parent forms filled out without having to stand awkwardly in front of all your new families telling them what to do? This EDITABLE Meet the Teacher Kit has everything you need for a smooth night.

Meet the Teacher is your first big event of the school year, and your chance to make a great first impression. I have even included a planning page so you can make sure you have everything you need for your big night (or day).

Every year my incoming families LOVE exploring the classroom through the scavenger hunt. It is fun for the kids and it helps keep the time organized. No awkward lulls or forgetting what to say.

Simply welcome families as they enter the room and direct them to the sign-in sheet. From there, they will grab a scavenger hunt page to explore and fill out student information pages.

Meet the Teacher night is the perfect opportunity to collect student and parent info while you have them in your classroom.

A Back to School Welcome Tab Book is also really nice so your parents can easily find information about your school and classroom… AND you look like you really have it together!!

If you want this kit to make your Meet the Teacher Night an easy peasy lemon squeezy success, like I do every year, click any image or link to grab it!

YOU WILL RECEIVE 1 editable PowerPoint File with:

  • Meet the Teacher Night Planning Page with Checklists
  • Editable Scavenger Hunt Page
  • Parent Sign-in Sheet with a Welcome Sign
  • Parent Homework Assignment for giving you information about their child
  • Editable Meet the Teacher About Me Page
  • Classroom Volunteers Form
  • Transportation Sheet Whole Class and Individual Student options
  • School Info Sheet
  • Parent Information Tab Book: Schedule, Class Info, School Info, Classroom Expectations, and Curriculum Outline

Click below to grab it for only $3!

Here is an example of a student gift I put on my students’ desks last year for Meet the Teacher Night. You definitely don’t have to do student gifts, but I love being able to when I can.

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