Hanging Pocket Charts: Teacher Hack

I knew I wanted to make minilessons and centers more interactive, but I just didn’t have the useable space to do it.

That’s when I had to get creative and find a way to put my hanging pocket charts on the wall.

I love having my mini lesson materials right there in my focus wall! Then, I use it again as a center and again as a game at the end of the day.

The great thing is that I’ve even had good luck using command hooks on my bulletin board paper. Last year I used picture hanging hooks with nails. That worked, but the nails did pull out. I might use a small screw next time to make it more secure. If you have a white board, magnet hooks would work nicely.

Any rod will work here. I use an extendable cafe curtain tension rod. They twist to extend, so I can adjust it to the exact length I need.

I love using visuals, illustrated word wall cards, sorting cards, and diagram pieces to introduce a concept. This is why pocket charts (and anchor charts) are a favorite tool.

Using your minilesson pieces to make a game that practices the skill/concept is the easiest way to always have a relevant center ready to go!

This hack is perfect for any subject and grade level!

I have used this for years now, and it has really upped engagement in our minilessons. Plus, the kids love to play games with these in centers or whole group at the end of the day.

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