5th Grade Science October Lesson Plans

Fall is the time of year to really enjoy low stress, low prep teaching with ready to go lessons each month! You deserve to have the resources you need so you can enjoy teaching, see students master the standards, leave work on time, and have work-free weekends.

This year the monthly lessons will be based on NGSS and TEKS, but have links to resources that make this work for a variety of state standards. The great thing about these lessons is that they have everything you need to teach each standard! AND, so many teachers are using these lessons and the linked resources to supplement their school-provided curriculum to see more engagement and mastery. The lesson resources are designed so anyone can use them! Teachers and homeschool parents can easily use the printable lesson sets for traditional hands-on learning OR use the digital lesson sets for (NO PREP) self guiding student work.

Each month’s lesson is a FREE DOWNLOAD. You will see:

  • 2 Year at a Glance Plans: NGSS and TEKS
  • 2 Monthly Plans (with daily activities plan) for NGSS and TEKS
  • Unit Standards Guide
  • Weekly Lesson Activities for each week/standard
  • Links to resources and activities for each week

These October plans continue physical science standards. Mixtures, Solutions, Energy, Transformations, Electricity and Circuits, and unit test weeks! If your scope and sequence is different, search my blog for the topics you need. Feel free to email me for a custom lesson plan or scope and sequence that covers what you need when you need it! I am always happy to help you plan and get set up for a successful year and low stress teacher life!

Lesson activities included in each week:

MondayPre-Learning/ Anticipatory Activity Input: Informational Text with Context Clues
Input: Graphic Organizer
Word Wall: Day 1 of chart
Processing/Creative: Introduce the Project (Allow time to work on each day.)
TuesdayInput: Summary Writing
Input: Anchor Chart in Interactive Science Notebook
Word Wall: Day 2 of chart
WednesdayExperience: Lab/Activity
Word Wall: Day 3 of chart
ThursdayProcessing/Creative: Interactive Science Notebook Output Activity
Processing/ Creative: Analyzing Data Activity
FridayFormative Assessment: Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Activity
Processing/Creative: Complete the Project
Daily ExtrasScience Starters, Science Says, Diagram Quick Draws

PLUS – Options for project based learning weeks, unit test weeks, and additional project ideas for diving deeper into the standard!

I love having a system in place that makes teaching easier and more enjoyable, and I love getting to share that with you! I hope these monthly plans help you have a successful and lower stress year. If you need extra help with your planning or resources for your state standards, feel free to email me and I am happy to help!

Happy Teaching!

-Elementary Ali, Alicia Cobb

What other teachers are saying about my FREE lesson plans:

“This is an absolutely amazing free resource. This brought some much clarity for me as a first year 5th grade Texas science teacher. It brought relief and made planning and writing my lesson plans so much easier. Thank you so much! I really appreciate this and love this x1000 times. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for this resource and all your energy and time you put into making this!” -Serena C.

“Such a timesaver! Very helpful planning tool!” Danyalle S.

“So generous of you to help us!!! Thank you so much” -Kenna C.

“Thank you for this resource it really helps to lay out the TEKS,” -Kimberly D.

“I AM SO SORRY that I am just now getting this FANTASTIC resource rated! It is AWESOME and very helpful. I am going back to your other resources and getting more. Thank you for making great stuff that we can use in our classrooms today!” -Kenna C.

“I just have to say this is amazing! This will be my 2nd year teaching science and my partner teacher’s 1st year teaching science. Needless to say I am nervous about STAAR and lesson planning. Thank you so much for making this!” -Miss Jones

“Oh my gosh! It’s a pacing guide! For the whole year! This is awesome!! Thank you so much!” -Polly H.

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