Science Lessons for the Winter Holiday Season

You know how that last week of school before Winter break goes every year. A little bit of learning and lot of chaos. Students buzz with all the excitement of whatever holiday plans or vacations over break they may have coming up. The fact that they get to be out of school for an extended break alone takes excitement and behaviors up a level.

You will love the flexibility and engagement that winter/holiday Science lessons can bring. What I love most is the real world science connections students make with some common things they see in the months of December and January.

These lessons don’t have to be super holiday focused, but just gets students thinking about some things they might see on tv or around town in a new scientific way.

Great way to incorporate science learning with reading skills during the holiday season!! And an easy, fun way to start back off after the Winter break!!

The Winter Holiday & Christmas learning set on includes activities such as Informational Reading Passages with Vocabulary Enrichment, Graphic Organizers, and Writing Summaries to engage students in real learning that feels fun. The topics covered in the 4 lessons are:

1. How Santa Chose His Reindeer (life Science focus on animal structures and functions, adaptations, and animals in Winter)

2. Snowman Weather (physical science focus on changing matter)

3. The three R’s and the Holidays (earth science focus on conservation of resources)

4. Evergreen tree Adaptations (life science focus on plant structures and functions and adaptations)

The Winter Holiday & Christmas learning set includes additional skill practice activities such as:

1. Ornamental Diameters

2. Freezing Melting and Boiling Points Practice

3. Wintery Science tools

4. Snowflake Light Circuit

A couple STEM Challenges were added to give you some hands-on activities to keep students engaged in learning.

1. Igloo Insulators

2. Christmas Light Circuit

And the best bonus to this Winter Holiday & Christmas learning set is:

Google Slides links are in the PDF and ready to make learning in those winter weeks fun and engaging, even for distance learning!

Great for:

•Distance Learning

•Classroom Learning


•Make-up Work

•Station Work

Make learning fun during (and after) the holidays AND get ready for the STAAR test at the same time!!!!

Science topics covered with the Winter, Holiday, and Christmas theme include:

Animal Adaptations

Plant Adaptations

Conserving Natural Resources- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Melting/ Freezing Point and Boiling Point of water

Measuring Diameters

Using Science Tools



These are some of the reasons why seasonal/holiday lessons are my favorite for the weeks around Winter Break! You can use these the week before break and the week after break to make the most of alternate schedules and students in vacation mode.

Let’s not forget about Fall and Thanksgiving! Grab this freebie to help fill a half week or just have a fun day of Science before Fall break or Thanksgiving Break.

I hope this helps you find better ways to manage behavior and make learning fun during those weeks around breaks and holidays.

Happy Teaching!

Alicia Cobb of Elementary Ali

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